The Mansfield and Ashfield Safety Centre is a project that provides help and information for women and their children who are living with Domestic Abuse or needing help after escaping Domestic Abuse.


MASC has been created to save you visiting lots of agencies, by arranging for these services to be available in one location.


We can help by having qualified well trained caring workers to talk to you. Providing a safe, confidential space for you and your children to visit, to meet all the people that can help you, and making sure that they listen to what you want.


The people and services working with us in the centre are:


Specialist Domestic Abuse Support Workers


Homeless teams from Mansfield and Ashfield

Police Domestic Abuse Unit

Crime and Disorder Reduction Team

Health Visitor

Benefits Agency

Victim Support

Specialist Domestic Abuse Workers for Children and Young People

Pet Fostering Service - Click here 

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